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Laser mole removal

Quick, safe and effective way to remove raised unsightly moles with minimal scarring using the Erbium Yag ablative laser. Other lesions such as seborrhoea warts an xanthelasma can be treated with this laser.

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Laser resurfacing

This procedure uses a laser to remove the superficial layer of the facial skin thereby reducing lines and wrinkles and improving the skin tone with a smoother surface.

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Dermal fillers

Injections of cross-linked hyaluronic acid beneath the skin to restore lost volume, smooth lines and soften creases or enhance facial contours we also offer liquid rhinoplasty

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Muscle relaxing injections

Dynamic lines and wrinkles can be dramatically improved using botulinum toxin injections to reduce the signs of facial ageing

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Skin tag removal

Single or multiple skin tags can be treated using a hyfercator to remove them. This requires local anaesthetic.Viral warts can also be removed using this technique.

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Chemical peels

(eg. 'Perfect Peel') ranging from superficial to medium depth peels.

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Leg Threadveins

If suitable, Microsclerotherapy (a series of IV injections). Can help alleviate and reduce the often unsightly appearance of these.

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We can discuss professional medical skincare products designed to improve various conditions and skin types(for eg, ageing skin)

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